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What type of swimsuit are you?

You can ask yourself many questions in order to answer that one question. Sounds confusion ...and then again, maybe it is. And maybe, just maybe, the type of swimsuit that you are depends on your day. Or maybe, just maybe, your swimsuit style is defined by your latest workout...or lack thereof. Or maybe you just had a life changing experience - you had a new baby, you had surgery or you are required to be on some medication which has affected your body type and perhaps weight - maybe shifting the sands of your curves in different place.

While we all may be experiencing or may have experienced one or more of these life challenges, we all still want to swim, right! Or at least be able to dress ourselves to be able to be on the beach or poolside when the weather is just right - when the weather gets so hot that you cannot stand to be in very many clothes or you want to be able to jump in the water at any given moment. Maybe you want to be sure you have the right swimsuit for a great day at the beach playing beach volleyball, and of course, being ready to jump in the water after a great game / workout is just what you need.

Whatever your situation or body type, you need a swimsuit! Whether we like them or not, we all need one. So, we might as well just face up to the fact and get on with the selection. We cannot avoid them (for those of us who despise trying on swimsuits) so we might as well join them. Picking the right swimsuit will be the first step. And believe me, if you get the right swimsuit for your lifestyle and your body type, you may never fear the dreaded swimsuit time of the year again.

This topic of choosing the best bathing suit for your body type can be a long discusssion. However, here I am only trying to get you thinking about how to pick the right swimsuit, and the fact that you should think about it before you try one or buy one. Like any major (or minor) purchase you make, you should put some effort into the questions to ask yourself before you put the money down on the table.

As far as swimsuits go, you should be looking at a few things before purchasing. Think about what you like to do at the pool or beach. Do you like to lay around by the pool or beach and rarely go in the water? Are you an active beach or pool goer, joining in on every beach volleyball or soccer game? What is your body type? If you are a sporty athletic type body, you can sport just about any swimsuit you like. If you are uncomfortable with your hips, there are ways to make them less visible or less prominent. All of that depends solely on your comfort level with your body. I personally encourage you to wear whatever style of swimsuit or bikini you like. However, if you are not fully comfortable, there is help and you can get swimsuits to hide, tuck and camoflage certain areas of your body.

Another perhaps minor concern when choosing a swimsuit (at least for me anyway), are the tan lines I may get. I personally like a bandeau top for that reason. These bandeau swim tops usually come with a halter strap (which is something I also look for) so that I can go swimming comfortably without fear of losing my top. I love lace but I sometimes wonder what my stomach might look like after a day in the sun. Might I look like a paint project? There are no real worries. You should be wearing sunscreen anyway so, that should not be an issue.

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